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Roberto G. Flores

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About Me


My Background

As a Motivational Speaker Mr. Flores emotional story instantly connects with any audience, sharing his challenges. how he persevered. You will be inspired, motivated with love, hope and a brighter future to succeed and conquer any obstacle that we face today.

His special efforts have united families, communities, and law enforcement foster deep dialogue by leaders and followers from diverse and important cultural backgrounds invest in relationships while respecting cultural and professional differences.

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My Experience

On the streets of Chicago at 13, Incarcerated 1st time, exposed to violence, drugs, and wealth. Kingpin by 18, Pronounced D.O.A. in 1997 and survived.  Today he  inspires young and old to aspire.  His amazing story is of hope,faith, and the one thing he never knew growing up...... LOVE


When you contract Mr. Flores it becomes an experience. During the day he will visit every Jr. High, High school in your district . He will do as many presentations it takes to service all students. After morning sessions are complete he visits with students during their lunch period hands out personalized signed posters. With his direct line and email information so students or staff follow up for any reason . Day or night Mr. Flores makes himself available for that youth in need.

After school Mr. Flores offers a community engagement opportunity for parents of the students  and the community to see his presentation. This allows the opportunity to seek those leaders to engage with each other how to come to together and build a stronger safer community engaging with law enforcement and religious leaders. When you meet Mr. Flores it is an experience of genuine love and appreciation for all humanity. He will even visit local Prisons or Jails and present to the incarcerated offering an opportunity to change. 

Mr. Flores has shared with millions throughout the nation including internationally where his message was televised via Christian Network stations. Mr. Flores works with just about any budget to serve those schools and communities in need !

Contact him now, do not hesitate.

For more information on how to book him (630)809-1388