Roberto G. Flores


This is the story of my life, I was born on January 30,1967 to my father Roberto

Flores,Sr. and my mother Socorro Flores. I guess it was a proud moment back

then since I was the first born of eventually 3 other siblings my brother Reynaldo, my sister Claudia who passed shortly after birth, and my younger brother Rogelio. Since the beginning, looking back at the events of my past there was always a plan for my life to do the things that I am able to today.

You see when I was 2 years old I use to love to run around and imagine myself as a superhero pretending to be batman or superman, one summer morning in June of 1969 I was running around the house as usual, when suddenly I jumped onto a rocking chair that was in front of a window, and you can only imagine what happened. The rocking chair went back and I went flying through the window, which was on the second floor of our apartment I landed on the concrete below and ended up in a coma for several weeks, eventually I came through and survived this nearly tragic accident which would one day lead me to another life changing event...



Life through the words of Roberto Flores

“Drawing from his background, Mr. Flores is quick to share his story. After facing severe challenges and making some wrong decisions, Mr. Flores has opened his heart and mind, and is now committed to using his intellect and strength to positively impact our community.”

  1. -Linda Chapa LaVia
    State Representative, 83rd District

“Our youth and families have benefited immensely from your passion and desire...Always remember, Be the change you want to see,” - Adam Valencia,

Tulare County Office of Ed.

“Mr. Flores speaks from the heart...his words have meaning and show a true concern for the youth of today,” - Beth Rattie

Director Alternative Programs

Osceola County, Kissimee, FL.